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Ongoing Activities

Leadership Institute Needs Mentors (Middle school): Gretchen Shine, founder of the Leadership Institute, is seeking adult mentors either studying to be an attorney, retired or currently practicing, who will spend 15-20 hours with a 7th or 8th grader in a group setting. The hours will be spread over a school year, each session lasting 80 minutes, usually once a month. Mentors will help students with resume writing, mock job interviewing, building a sample semester college budget, helping write a sample college essay for college admission, etc. All sessions are facilitated, materials are provided and session objectives are defined. Please contact Gretchen at [email protected]. Resumes are required. Choice of participation at one of two Tucson schools: Safford K-8 in downtown Tucson, or Sierra 2-8 in southwest Tucson.

Judicial Preparation Panels:  If you are an AMBA member who is considering applying for a future vacancy on the Pima County Superior Court bench or Federal bench, AMBA strongly suggests you begin working on your application now. AMBA has a judicial appointments committee that can review your applications and/or conduct mock interviews with you to help you prepare for success. Please contact Leticia Marquez at [email protected] or Greta Vietor at [email protected] if interested.

AMBA STUDENT-MENTORING PROGRAM: AMBA initiated a student mentor program allowing lawyers to work with a student while providing total flexibility to accommodate the lawyer's schedule and preferred time commitment.  This program allows the attorney anything from a one-time visit to a regularly-designated meeting or a meeting occurring two-to-three times per year.  The program also provides students an opportunity to observe lawyers at a court hearing/trial and, preferably, allows the student to visit a law office or other location of the lawyer's choosing.  Lawyers will be paired with students from City High School located in downtown Tucson.  City High has a diverse student body of which half would be the first in their families to go to college.  City High will transport the students to and from the Court or location of the meeting.  If you would like to learn more about the opportunity or volunteer, please contact us via the website. Or, sign up for our student newsletter!

Arizona Minority Bar Association

Welcome to the Arizona Minority Bar Association. Our goal is to raise money for scholarships for minority law school students and promote diversity in the legal community.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Arizona Minority Bar Association, please click above to go to our Membership Registration Page.