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Mission Statement


The Arizona Minority Bar Association ("AMBA") was developed to further the interest, education and advancement of racial and ethnic minorities in law-related areas, and to advance the awareness and availability of legal services specifically targeting racial and ethnic minorities and legal issues that impact such community.  In order to accomplish these goals, AMBA will implement a variety of activities to:

1. increase recruitment, enrollment and retention of racial and ethnic minorities in law schools, particularly the James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona;

2. provide scholarship and financial support, mentoring and career opportunities for racial and ethnic minority law students, and conduct fundraising efforts to fulfill AMBA's goals;

3. organize and sponsor professional development programs, and create mentoring and networking opportunities and forums for the benefit of racial and ethnic minorities in the legal profession;

4. organize and conduct community outreach activities to educate the general public about legal issues that effect racial and ethnic minorities, and the availability of legal services;

5. provide pro bono legal services to benefit racial and ethnic minorities in the community; and

6. advocate on behalf of people and issues relating to racial and ethnic minorities.

Arizona Minority Bar Association

Welcome to the Arizona Minority Bar Association. Our goal is to raise money for scholarships for minority law school students and promote diversity in the legal community.


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